Treatment Day

On Tuesday, Ellen had her second chemotherapy appointment. Of course she walked the several miles from our home to the hospital. And some of her friends and supporters showed up to walk with her. It was a lovely day with ice melting on the river. The cranes were flying in their great flocks high overhead, …

April is Here

So April is here. The Sandhill Cranes in big flocks pass high overhead, almost invisible they are so far above us. But you can certainly hear their croaking. Yesterday Ellen baked bread for the first time since her surgery. She was tired after this effort and slept most of the afternoon. We had soup and …

My love

I came home last night to see my beautiful life partner with a new look. She looks wonderful. You can see her face more clearly, which is nice. Elenita mia, seguimos juntos en todo.

17 de marzo, 2019

  Hola, Un saludo desde aquí. El lunes 11 de marzo tuve mi primera sesión de quimioterapia y la toleré muy bien. Fue un día largo en Denver porque tenían que ir despacito por si había alguna reacción alérgica. Todo bien. El martes 12 regresamos a casa y el miércoles 13 hubo la peor tormenta …

Crossing the Andes

We are so happy that our companions successfully crossed the Andes. And we are only sorry that we could not be with them this year. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Congratulations to Chris, James and Nick.

A Report from Luke

Ellen and I have just returned home from our trip to Denver for her first chemotherapy session. She is sleeping. The staff preceded the treatment with a considerable number of warnings about possible immediate side effects and adverse reactions, and made her sign a bunch of releases. This made both of us a bit apprehensive. …

meal train

our wonderful friend Kim started a meal train for us. this is they link: ( I think) we appreciate all the help!  (don't feel obligated to participate)