Message from Ellen

Message from Ellen

(English Translation of April 13 Post by Ellen)


Hello, from our cold Spring.

First I want to say thank you for all the kind attention we have received from friends and family: calls, texts, messages, visits, gift certificates and delicious food.

Everyone is helping us in our struggle.

I had my second “Nectar” treatment on April 2. I have decided to call the chemotherapy medicine “Nectar” in order to give it a positive name and welcome it to my body so it can do the work it needs to do to heal me. Better than to describe it in negative words.

Always it seems that the first 6 days are very hard and I sleep all the time. But sleeping is part of the cure.

In these 6 days (when my appetite does not disappear) I sleep and eat. I hardly do anything else. After this, I start to wake up, and I can take walks, go to yoga, physical therapy, and be a little more sociable. All these activities are very important to help me physically and mentally.

The good news is that I have tolerated the nectar. Every week they do blood tests to see how my defenses are doing, and for the moment I am good. It is early to draw any conclusions, but it appears that the treatment is functioning well. I have the good luck to be able to take leave from work, now that I do not have the energy to work … there are not enough hours left in the day.

The next session is the 24th of April at 9:30 am. So if anyone wants to accompany me to the hospital (1 hour of rapid walking – 6 km), I will leave home at 8:15 in the morning to walk to the hospital. It was just lovely to have three friends who walked with me last time. It was beautiful, in good company, and because afterward I was sitting 6-7 hours, it is best to be a bit tired, and have been breathing clean air before they give me the nectar.

Everyone should know how much we appreciate all the support. Luke is an oak tree and supports me in everything. He is good, and strong. He takes good care of me. And for me the most important thing is that he also receive the support of friends.

Thank you and we will be in touch soon.




3 Replies to “Message from Ellen”

    1. Dear Ellen and Luke,
      Sending you warm greetings from your grandfather’s native Denmark to let you both know that each and all of your relatives here send you our love and best wishes in your struggle. We shall be thinking of you on Wednesday, 24 April 2019 – at 17.30 hrs. our time – as you face your third bout of nectar. You seem upbeat and positive and you have the support of Luke, who is your rock. Love to you both from a mild, sunny Easter Saturday in Copenhagen, Anna


  1. Hi Luke and Ellen. Ben and I think of you often and hope to be better at being in touch. Your spirit sounds wonderful and I’m sure Luke’s is as well. Spring is in full force here in Nashville. It’s my favorite time of year. We have a Robin nesting on the window ledge in our sun room. She keeps a close eye on us, while we try not to watch her. This is the 5th year that Robins and Doves have nested in the same spot on the same nest.


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