April is Here

So April is here. The Sandhill Cranes in big flocks pass high overhead, almost invisible they are so far above us. But you can certainly hear their croaking.

Yesterday Ellen baked bread for the first time since her surgery.


She was tired after this effort and slept most of the afternoon. We had soup and fresh bread for dinner.

Ellen has been walking every day. Her distances have increased. They were 4 km, then 6 km and lately 9 pushing 10 km. Sometimes two long walks a day.

Today Ellen gave Luke some important instructions. She told him to get the hell out of the house and meet his friend Craig at Monarch Ski Area and go skiing.



It turned out that Ellen was right as usual. This was exactly what I needed to do. It lifted my spirits greatly. What a wonderful friend to drive three hours to go skiing with me. It was great snow and great conditions.

Tomorrow Ellen will walk 6 km to the Gunnison Valley Hospital for her second chemotherapy treatment. I know everyone will want to give her as much moral and emotional support as they can. If the last time around is an indication, when she will feel the effects the worst will be next week end.

She is looking great and her energy level is recovering. We are so grateful for all the support and caring. You are wonderful.


13 Replies to “April is Here”

  1. Keeping You both in my thoughts. Those cancer cells are being killed off. Ellen, your body wants to heal and will come back into balance. So glad you are taking the rest that you need alongside fresh air and exercise. Sending love for you to rebound after this next treatment.


  2. Yum I remember us all getting together one weekend to make that wonderful bread! Do you need a ride home from the treatment tomorrow?


    1. gracias Kim…
      Marketa is giving me a ride home as Luke has his first class at 5:30 tomorrow.
      I’ll let you know if something changes….


  3. Prima adorada: ¡Eres mi ídolo! Prometo caminar 100 metros en tu honor mañana (carcajada). Seguimos aquí y siempre vas tú conmigo. Te mando un beso florido pues aquí ya hace semanas que salieron los retoños y todo está floreando.


  4. Ellen que maravilla!!!!! estas caminando un montón!!! y esos panes tienen buena pinta. Un abrazo amiga!!!!! y a Luke tan maravilloso compañero!


  5. May there be many a summer morning when, with what pleasure, what joy, you come into harbors seen for the first time.

    Ellen just keeps raising the bar.


  6. Wow on all that bread and all those kms.! It was so to to see you, Ellen, looking so well. But power to you, be strong but take care for this big journey. Hugs to both of you. Judy


  7. Hi Ellen and Luke. I just found this blog thanks to Dana. It is powerful to read about your journey. I have been thinking much about you two. The ladies in class wrote a card that I’ll put in the mail tomorrow. Un abrazo. -Karen


  8. Mi querida amiga , increíble como estás ejercitándote, se te ve muy bien de panadera , llego pronto, y vas a tener que enseñarme a hacer pan 🥖, un fuerte abrazo a vos y Luck ❤️❤️


  9. WOW!! Look at that bread! You are amazing Ellen! Beautiful as ever! You are an inspiration! We continue to pray for you and your complete healing! xoxoxoxo


  10. WOW!! Look at all the bread! You are amazing Ellen, as beautiful as ever! You are an inspiration!! We are praying for your complete healing! Love you big time! xoxoxoxox


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