A week has passed

A week has passed since Ellen’s last treatment.

She had some hard and uncomfortable days. But Ellen is starting to come around, with more energy.

The weather has turned lovely. The great snows of last winter have started to melt and the hills are very green. There are flowers everywhere in the sage.

Luke’s sister Carrie and her husband Chris are here to visit.

No way to keep Ellen at home on a day like this!

IMG_4313 (1)IMG_4300IMG_4314

The Serviceberry is in full bloom. Never seen them so abundant.


We are doing our best here. And we hope that things are very good for you.


2 Replies to “A week has passed”

  1. Great pictures, especially the last one of Ellen and Luke. Enjoy the company! Take care. Betty and Ben

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  2. So pleased to hear that you are both doing well. Thank you for keeping us posted so brilliantly. Aaah, sage, do you say? My Welsh mother would prepare sage and onions when she cooked a joint. The delightful aroma in the kitchen whetted our appetites … Yes, the support from friends and family at such a trying time for you both can’t be underrated. So is the ability to feel gratitude …
    Thinking of you both, Anna


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