A Message from Luke

Every day I seem to learn more about my partner in life. Her courage and strength of character are an inspiration to all of us around her.

Here are some pictures of last Wednesday’s walk to the hospital for Ellen’s fifth round of treatment.IMG_4273IMG_4271

Who is that in front?

Ellen is of course now tired and resting after treatment. She hopes to feel good enough to go to yoga class today.

We continue to be showered with kindness, help and support. And to need it. We can only hope to keep giving back to the world around us for the rest of our days, the only way to acknowledge what we have received. Thank you, all of you.

5 Replies to “A Message from Luke”

  1. You write that Ellen had her fifth dose of nectar the day before yesterday, right? And you now say that she hopes to go to yoga today, which is two days later? Well, if this isn’t incredibly good news, I don’t know what is!!! So grateful to hear this. Let us know when Ellen receives her sixth, and last, portion. Holding you in our thoughts. Anna


  2. Gracias por tus palabras, Luke. Son de una fortaleza y gratitud inspiradoras. Ellen y tu son un gran ejemplo.
    Un abrazo, en especial a Ellen.


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