The Road Onward

It is the wettest and greenest summer in many years here. The rivers are all at or over their banks. The sage brush is singing with happiness. The flower are blooming everywhere around us.

It is not just wet but very cool. We woke up to frost on the grass today, and new snow on the hills above our house. It may freeze again tonight.


We are in a process of adapting. This Wednesday, June 26, is the last of Ellen’s scheduled chemotherapy treatments.  We hope to have many walkers this Wednesday .  We leave our home at 8:15 an to walk to the hospital.  If you can’t be here with us, walk with us in spirit wherever you are!

On July 15 we will have a post-chemotherapy meeting with Ellen’s gynecological oncologist at Swedish Hospital in Denver.

And before that more tests, including some that cannot be done here in Gunnison.

We continue to be buoyed by friendship, family, and the visits of people we are close to.


We are continuing to focus on fitness. Ellen is now in a three day a week exercise class in the High Altitude Exercise Physiology Department at Western Colorado University.

We are in this for the long haul. The current test results look very good. And Ellen’s immune system is holding up very well.

But there will be many tests ahead — five years of testing. It is sobering to think about all that, and we are not having any great victory parties yet.

But every day we are celebrating our happiness and our good fortune in being together.




4 Replies to “The Road Onward”

  1. Gracias amigos por las noticias!!! Que maravilloso verlos a los dos en esa caminata de La Vida. Camino con ustedes…desde la distancia. Un abrazo fuerte!!!!


  2. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    I shall be thinking of you on Wednesday, 26 June at your time when you are on your way for your final nectar. This is when I fly back to Copenhagen from Edinburgh. My cousin, Eileen, will be flying from Wales to meet me for a few hours. She will be visiting her stepson, who lives in Edinburgh. Our summer is not so dry as last year’s but hot and we will hit 30C on Wednesday. Hot air will come from North Africa and the health authorities in some countries on the Continent are introducing emergency plans for senior citizens homes, hospitals, etc. Germany and France have asked people to keep an eye on children and the elderly. We are certainly experiencing global warming. We have had many electric storms in June with much lightning. … Keep us posted on how you are doing. Cancer is a devilish thing, but so much can, and is, being done these days. Keep it up, Ellen. I think you are wonderful going to exercise classes. Bravo! Godt gået, as we say in Danish.
    Fondly, Anna


  3. Primos queridos: Finalmente hemos todos llegado a ver el fin de esta etapa del tratamiento (un paso más para adelante y ninguno para atrás). Me alegra muchísimo saber que el sistema inmunológico de mi prima ha resistido el embate ( no esperaba menos de mi única pariente argentina, ja, ja, ja). ¡¿Qué les voy a decir yo a ustedes que no sepan?! ¡Vamos para adelante aunque haya escollos en el camino!
    Disfruten las flores y reciban un beso enorme colmado de cariño.


  4. “… But every day we are celebrating our happiness and our good fortune in being together. …”
    Ellen & Sr Luke… The above would seem to be wisdom worth remembering and using. It certainly is in our home. Even considering the ordeal underway, I have to say that you two and the two dogs are looking good. Ellen and the dogs are ahead by a nose! But what’s new? I am a big believer in the notion that physical activity and fitness efforts pay huge dividends when one’s body is being so challenged. Ellen—with her three companions—is blessed to have such magnificent terrain over which to trek. All the best …. Ben & Betty


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