March is Here

Tomorrow, Thursday March 5, marks Ellen’s return to chemotherapy. We will leave our house at 7:45 to walk to the hospital. Please join us if you can. 

The weather was lovely today and is supposed to be lovely again for the walk.

We had a lovely time celebrating Ellen’s 60th birthday yesterday. (3-3). Thanks to everyone who came; it was an evening of happiness for us.


This is a picture of Ellen with some of the children who came to her birthday party.

Ellen’s sister in law Nora Danielson and her wonderful friend Holly Freifeld have been in town visiting and it has been great to have their company.

Scheduled Chemotherapy — March

Here are the dates for Ellen’s chemotherapy in March, for anyone who would like to know:

Date                                                                                      Time we leave our house

Thursday 5 March                                                                           7:45 am

Thursday 12 March                                                                          7:45 am

Thursday 19 March                                                                          9:15 am

Thursday 26 March                                                                          No chemotherapy —     

                                                                                                              Ellen’s week off

Ellen’s energy has been down lately, probably as a result of a sinus infection. She was back in form today, which was great, as it let her enjoy what may be the last ski of the year at our favorite ski place. (There is still plenty of skiing at somewhat higher altitudes and farther from home). Warmer weather is here.



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  1. Wow, what a party! And your photo is only of the children! Ellen, I learned to ski on rocks, mud and ice and didn’t know any better! Well, I was a kid back then and we were in North Carolina versus the Rockies or New England. My siblings and I wore new blue jeans and were on skies taller than ourselves. At the end of the day, “Fanny Hill”, the slope we first skied on, was covered with blue streaks from our falls while wearing the new blue jeans. Hope you are resting and enjoying hearing reports from your party. I know you are surrounded by many friends and loved ones who care for you deeply. Rest, rest rest…!! Ben and Betty

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