XIX and counting

Tomorrow, Thursday March 12 will be Ellen’s 19th chemotherapy treatment. We will leave our house at 7:45 am to walk to the hospital. We hope you will, if you can, come walk with us.

And the idea has been that at the end of the first three months of 2020 (which will mean she has completed 20 chemotherapy sessions) we will go back to the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for testing and evaluation in order to see how this is working.

And that is an intense focus  for us both.

So we got an appointment in Houston in early April.

And then Ellen, for all the good reasons, started thinking that if we went to Houston, we could keep on going to Argentina, and see her mother, who she has not seen for a long time, and who she misses desperately. And go there first. And then go to the hospital in Houston on the way back. So we made that plan.

And then the coronavirus madness started. And we did not want to be trapped in quarantine in Argentina, unable to fly home, or to get chemotherapy treatment.

So we decided instead to go on different dates and just spend a few days on the beach in Texas. And we did lots of beach research and asked a lot of questions and focused on a plan to rent a house in a place called Surfside.

And then many of the medical people started telling us to avoid crowds, and avoid flying if at all possible. So we decided to make a really serious change of plans and drive to Houston (17 hours one way). And drive back.

Then the news came that Ellen’s Danish cousin Lauquen is in quarantine in Denmark. His supervisor at work is a confirmed, active case. Our County has its first confirmed case of COVID 19 yesterday. And there has been some considerable overreaction — this is the toilet paper counter in our grocery store yesterday. Luke is going to be the one doing the shopping for a while.


Monday Ellen and the MD Anderson Cancer Center talked about rescheduling her appointment.  And we will be able to move it up some because her doctor was going to a medical conference but now he is not going because the conference was cancelled because of concern over the virus.

You are our rock. We want to support you as well. We all will show the social solidarity that supports our communities in hard times, and supports individuals like Ellen in their time of need.

Here is Ellen with some of the young people who attended her 60th birthday party last week.


Hope to see you tomorrow, Thursday March 12 at 7:45am to walk to the hospital.

Next week, Thursday March 19, is the last currently scheduled walk. We will leave a little later, 9:15 am.

4 Replies to “XIX and counting”

  1. I love the photo of Ellen with all the kids! And I love Ellen’s short hair – so cute and sassy! Please stop in to see us in Pinewood Springs if you have the time and energy. We always love seeing you both. Much love to you!!


  2. What a disappointment for both Ellen and your mom not to visit. I’m so sorry for that! What a long drive to MDA too! Maybe we should consider our 12 hour drive in May. Ellen and Ben both have big targets on their backs for this virus! Crazy these days! And after the tornado that blew through here a week ago, there are low supplies of many things here in stores! Best wishes as you navigate through the maze of medical things – sincerely. It can be very daunting.
    Ben and Betty


  3. Hi Ellen, this is Carol and Mike McGuire, Tammy’s family. Tammy has been kind and sending us your long journey of ups and downs. I admire your spirit and making plans always positively. I too love this picture of you with the kiddos. they are a bright light is all our futures. Much love and prayers heading your way. Carol and Mike


  4. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    What a wonderfully positive note from you, full of plans and positivity. It won’t be possible to join you for the walk to your hospital either tomorrow or next week but we will be there in spirit. Yes, the corona virus just can’t be ignored. Our Prime Minister will be addressing our nation in less than thirty minutes from now. … One Danish family were asked to be in home quarantine as their son was diagnosed with the virus. They must have thought that the prospect of 14 days at home in the sofa was boring so the parents jetted off to Madeira instead. When our authorities found out, the Portuguese authorities were notified and the couple are now under house arrest in their hotel room in Madeira, no doubt twiddling their thumbs until they can be ‘released’ – no pun intended – on 14 March. How stupid can some people be? Just spoke to Ana, our Argentine cousin in Aarhus. We are all thinking of you both, hoping for the very best.
    Love to you both, Anna


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