This is Luke

Ellen and I just got home from Denver after a difficult visit. We are both exhausted.  Ellen and I have discussed this message and it is from both of us.

And from the heart.

We  took several hopes with us to Denver, where we went for more testing and meeting with Ellen’s doctor. We so much hoped, among other things, that we would then have some clear forward vision.

One of our hopes was therefor that we would learn something about this situation, the future, and medical recommendations.

This hope has, at least for now, been entirely disappointed.  We know no more now than the day we left.

We, like any of you, want to be able to make plans, decide things, make and keep promises. And we can’t, in the circumstances in which we are living. We go without making plans because there really are no plans we can have. When the Fates want us to know more, they will show us some kind of glimpse of what the future holds.

But we are actually doing pretty well, and enjoying so much being together. What a treat!

We will not complain about the treatment Ellen received. That is not where or how we choose to live.

We will not be deterred from what is important to us, or distracted, or begin to be unkind to others.

We need you more than ever. And are working on how best to express our love not only for each other, but for all of you.


With our Aunt Marji in Denver



Medical Support Team in action

Much love

Luke and Ellen


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