So Ellen is now eleven days past her last chemotherapy. It has been hard for her physically. But every day she seems stronger, and her spirit is remarkable.


Today we went for a walk in the high mountains above Crested Butte. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed every minute of it.


Some of the hillsides had been nipped by recent frost and have turned more brown and the flowers have faded. But on most of the walk, the flowers were still brilliant.







We put our feet in the very cold snowmelt in a little creek. Excellent therapy for neuropathy. Mate was very good.


All along the way were great avalanche chutes, with broken trees and scraped hillsides. Last winter’s enormous snows made for an impressive avalanche season.


We will not know more about Ellen’s condition until we go to Denver for more tests and meeting with doctors on September 9-10-11. Until then, we really have little idea what to expect.

And are sustained by our love for each other, the love and support from all of you, and the kindness of strangers.

Hope for us, pray for us, think of us. And we will think also of you, with love in our hearts.



10 Replies to “Onward”

  1. Que maravilla verlos y leer el relato. Hacen que pueda disfrutar cada espacio del paisaje. Un abrazo los quiero admiro y valoro mucho.


  2. What beautiful scenery. Especially love the bear!! Think I’ll plant cactus in Nashville next summer. The flowers suffer when it gets too hot. Fresh produce is good though.
    Best wishes for continued recovery!
    Love, Ben and Betty


  3. Primos queridos: ya saben que ustedes están siempre conmigo. ¡Ánimo que ya casi triunfamos! Un abrazo pleno y sincero para los dos.


  4. Wonderful that you are out and enjoying late summer flowers up high. The pics are lovely – may your days be filled with more such presence (and presents!) in every moment. Pienso en ustedes todos los dias, enviando mucho amor. Abrazos y besos a todos (incluso las brocolitas lindas).


  5. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    What an optimistic report! We are thinking of you and praying for you. What beautiful scenery and lovely flowers in the mountains. We await further news of the results after you have seen your medical team. Love to you both, Anna


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