Service for Ellen

Sunday night September 13, 2020, there was a service in the Iglesia Cristiana Riosde Agua Viva in memory of Ellen, led by Pastor Pedro Vitinio.

This is one of the largest Protestant congregations of immigrants in Gunnison.

The congregation got some old photos of Ellen and blew them up and used them to decorate the church.

The service was quite moving, and featured testimony by immigrants as to the things Ellen had done for people, some of which Luke had heard before and some of which were new:

        I had a severely disabled son and no way to care for him; Ellen got me access to medical care, and found a way for me to get a wheelchair for him

        For years I was a victim of domestic violence. It was getting worse. I knew no one in the community except my abuser, and did not speak the language. Ellen convinced me that there was a safe place I could go, and that my life could have value, and helped me escape

        When I was in the ICE jail and separated from my child, Ellen found me lawyers who got me reunited with him

And more, much more. It was a warm, loving and well attended service and all of us close to Ellen are grateful for this chance to be together and talk through our memories of Ellen.

2 Replies to “Service for Ellen”

  1. Nice Ellen who had a big heart for everyone. She is present in many hearts all over the world. Our beautiful angel Ellen.
    You are in our hearts.
    Hug from your family in Torslanda, Sweden.


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