I would like you all to know that Ellen, for good reasons, supported by all those closest to her, has decided to discontinue all medical treatment other than that directed at her comfort and pain relief.

This struggle has now been going on over a year and a half. Ellen has throughout conducted herself with dignity, kindness and intelligence.

Today, we sat a long time on the back porch looking at flowers and birds ands green grass. It was hard for Ellen, because she is losing her sense of sight.

But we loved it.

And when it started blowing and thundering, then pouring very cold rain, who wanted to stay out under a poncho and an umbrella, to experience a Rocky Mountain thunderstorm?

Ellen, of course.

And it was a good decision.

Our gratitude for your caring grows by the hour.

Much love from both of us.

15 Replies to “A BEND IN THE ROAD”

  1. Ellen y Luke:
    Parar para preservar la dignidad y la congruencia no es sino otra forma de amar la vida.
    Los quiero entrañablemente.


  2. Este mensaje de Luke y la foto de Ellen disfrutando en la lluvia me hace pensar en esta poema. Ellen ama tanto a la Tierra, y tambien la ama a ella…

    Where We Are
    By Kate Gray

    The river says a prayer for all that’s gone.

    The sky praises the sun for rising.

    The earth aches on its axis, and its creak is a song.

    The night murmurs and moves like a dog dreaming.

    Wherever we step out of the wind, whatever we do

    to build fire, we are not alone.

    The limbs of the birch greet us with tapping.

    The geese write our name in the sky.


  3. With the deepest sadness and compassion for you both, whose marriage has been a bright light to all who know you, acknowledgement of the profound courage, integrity and pure love embraced with this decision.

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  4. Amor, integridad y fortaleza ❤️. Vuela alto y descansa en paz. Ellen, querida amiga de la infancia en el CAD (Colegio argentino danes), gracias por haberte conocido, bella persona. Condolencias a Luke y familias, amigos/amigas. Hvil i fred, Ellen. Du er i vores hjerter.


  5. Thank you Luke for keeping us all informed of our dear friend Ellen. Your eloquence in detailing what is going happening has kept us all in touch with what you are both experiencing for the past 18 months. She is an inspiration to us all and I know you will miss her every day, I look forward to celebrating her life in the spring. Hugs, kisses and puppy love to all 🙂

    “Look for me in a starry night,
    Look for me in the mornings light,
    Look for me among wildflowers,
    Look for me among springtime showers,
    Look for me in a sparrows song,
    Look for me forever long,
    For I am gone, but still right here,
    Just watch for signs that I am near.”

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