The River of Time

Ellen has been resting most of the morning, sometimes sleeping, sometimes awake, on the back porch of our house. She is sleeping peacefully at the moment.

There are flowers blooming all around her, and dozens of birds making their various small bird noises.

Every few minutes there is a great whirring of wings. It is that time of the year when the red winged blackbirds are starting to form flocks. And great numbers of them will land in the patch of cattails behind our house and then take off with a great roar.

The hay is mostly cut in the fields.

In the hills there are small patches of yellow starting to appear in the aspen.

And the great cycle of life is turning.

Our love to you all.

7 Replies to “The River of Time”

  1. Luke, you write beautifully!! There are moments of peacefulness when we can take a deep breath, relax and smile. I can picture Ellen resting peacefully and you catching your breath. I’m sure you treasure those moments! Ben and I wish you both peace.
    Ben and Betty


  2. Dearest Ellen & Luke—Thank you for this poetic evocation of late summer, holding the bittersweetness of seasons past and seasons yet to come.

    Thank you also for the wonderful celebration of Ellen last week. We reveled in the sky-blue shades of both your blouses, as well as the heartfelt outpouring of love and caring for Ellen from family and friends near and far. What a tribute to Ellen, showing the scores and scores of people she has touched, helped, taught, impressed, loved, been loved, and celebrated life with. A magnificent legacy, perhaps the best evidence of living life with integrity, purpose, love and deep connection.

    You are both in our hearts and spirits always.


    Paul & Susan


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