Home is Where the Heart Is

Ellen came home from the hospital yesterday. She, and Luke, and the little dogs are all happier with her here.

The people at Gunnison Valley Hospital were wonderful and supportive and we appreciate them very much. But Ellen is happy to be sitting in her south facing window looking out at the green grass and the blue sky.

She is still very ill, and feels far from good, but she is surrounded by as much love as we know how to give her.

And we are supported by the kind nurses of Home Health, who make it possible for her to be here.

And we are having to learn new equipment, new procedures, and how to do more for ourselves — from taking glucose readings to operating the pump that gives Ellen her nutrition. We have boxes of medical equipment all over the house, and a lot of it is new to us and we are having to learn fast.

Keep us in your hearts please. And we will keep you in ours.





12 Replies to “Home is Where the Heart Is”

  1. Amiga y amigo queridos. Gracias por abrirnos las puertas de la intimidad, de lo que van viviendo en cada momento. Desde lejos, pero muy cerca los abrazo y acompaño. Qué maravilla el amor tejido entre ambos y que se alimenta cada día en cada gesto. El misterio de la Vida. Cuanto más débiles más fuerte la unión amorosa. Los admiro, respeto y agradezco que me permitan verlos y escucharlos desde la distancia. Un abrazo fuerte!!!!!


  2. I’m glad you are back home and I hope the nutritional support will make you feel better. Peg, Emmylou and I are holding you two in our hearts.


  3. Thanks for the update, Luke – Glad Ellen is able to be back home, and that you have some Home Health help. If there’s anything we can do – mow the lawn, pull weeds, whatever – please let us know (it’d be a chance to wave hello to Ellen).


    1. Hi! My name is Tracy, and myself and others are going to their house every Monday after 5pm to do lawn work. We’re wedding the garden, picking up sticks, and cleaning out the beaver deceiver once/week! Tuesday and Thursday the dogs may need to be walked.


  4. Hi Ellen and Luke
    Many thoughts and love to you both and hope Ellen soon regains her strength. We are with you in our thoughts and hearts ♥ ️
    Hugs from Karna, Maj-Lis, Stefan and Ulrika with family ♥ ️😘 ♥ ️


  5. Yes, you are both in our hearts. Many thoughts of you both as this August unfolds. May it bring renewed health to Ellen, and comfort to you both.
    We are in Maine with Helen & her family, preparing to bring them all back to Colorado for at least the fall semester.
    Much love to you both.

    Paul & Susan


  6. So glad Ellen is back in your beautiful retreat of a home. While medical stuff has invaded your space, may it all make Ellen stronger so you both feel better. I carry you both in my heart.


  7. Primos queridos: ¡Qué bueno que Ellen ya esté en casa! Siento mucho que todavía necesite nutrirse con la bomba.
    Por aquí nosotras muy bien y mandándoles nuestro enorme cariño y muchos ánimos como siempre.


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