One Year

A year ago yesterday Ellen competed in the Winter Triathlon, and she and her partner Geri came home with the trophy for their age group. Here is the photo.


That for us was an easier and simpler world, before everything changed.

We had our own little ceremony yesterday. We went out and skied the same course — all 13 km of it — helped by the fact that this happens to be Ellen’s week off from chemotherapy.

Below is yesterday. That is Ellen off in the distance.


Ellen seems to be getting at least a month worth of fun and activity into her few days off. We have spent most of the last few days thinking about the future, not the past. Ellen has big plans for the morning. Luke and the dogs are a bit worn out and heading for an early sleep tonight.

6 Replies to “One Year”

  1. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    Reading your message made we think of Russian writer, Mikhail Shokolov’s title: “Quietly Flows The River Don.” The cadence and rhythm is Calm. Serene. In other words: No news is good news. We hope the chemo has a healing effect on Ellen. Stay calm and serene in the Rockies. Love to you both, Anna


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