Back to Basics

We have had a wonderful break for a few days. Thanks to all who have made us feel so happy and supported over the holidays.

But now back to the medical front.

We are happy to report that the doctors seem to be in agreement on the treatment program from here forward. It seems we have reached consensus as to next steps.

And this will mean Ellen will have weekly chemotherapy here in Gunnison, starting very shortly, on a day not yet determined, but possibly as soon as Tuesday.

We are of course worried that weekly treatment could be pretty hard on Ellen, but she is fit, and working on fitness. And the doses are lower with weekly treatment than with the three week cycles she was on before. And the new drugs may have less side effects than the previous ones.

Our schedule should therefore be reasonably predictable for a while, which will be at least a modest blessing.

They are doing a lot of lab work at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and at the Mayo Clinic,  and it seems that we will return to Houston when that is done, maybe 2-3 months from now. With the results of this lab work, it should be possible to find ways to improve the treatment regime.

And in the meantime, until the treatment program starts, we are supposed to do a lot of cross country skiing and eat a lot of healthy food, which sounds pretty great. So we are off to the hills.






5 Replies to “Back to Basics”

  1. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    What an optimistic note today preceded by a lovely picture of you both, celebrating your fifteenth wedding anniversary a few days ago. 2020 seems to begin on an optimistic note for you both. We will be with you both in spirit as Ellen begins her weekly infusions of ‘nectar.’ When we know what day and time, we will move back 8 hours to match your time and focus our thoughts and prayers on you.
    Love to you both, Anna


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