We find skiing a good way to get healthy exercise, lose some of the stress, and be together.

And this is what we did on the shortest day of the year.


We send all of you our greetings.




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  1. A warm hello to you also, on the shortest day of the year. Your skiing looks amazing. We wish we could join you. Both boys are home today. Dan baked chocolate cherry bread as a Christmas treat. He is taking it back to LA later today as he must return to work. He has two days there then back here for a week. Luke is now off until the new year. It’s lovely to have them both near home, and also their sweet girlfriends. We are thinking of you and holding you close in our thoughts. Much love, osha and jen


  2. Good for you guys, beautiful photos. I had to stay inside today with a cold but hopefully, the sun will still shine and I get out when I feel better.


  3. Wow. Ellen you look great and the backdrop is fantastic!! We will be in Fraser w the girls for the holidays. I’ll take this chance to wish everyone in this group the happiest, most peaceful holidays! And of course best of luck and logros for the new year, especially for Ellen.
    Our best to all
    Monty and Denise


  4. Ellen and Luke, I love the pictures of you skiing! What fun! So glad you can get out and do that! Love, Ben and Betty

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