Tantas Cosas

So many things we would like to say, but up to this point there is nothing very new or clear to tell you all, but we will post when we have something to tell you.

We know how we feel about you.

Thanks to each of you.


2 Replies to “Tantas Cosas”

  1. Dear Ellen an Luke,
    I know these are stressful times for you both but we are with you all the way! Please don’t doubt that for a moment! It is very reassuring to know that Ellen has a brilliant team of doctors and specialists, who are evaluating the situation and what the next, best step should be. Luke mentioned the possibility of moving either to Arizona or to Minnesota to be near a Mayo Clinic. All I can say is the Danish word, RESPEKT! Moving for the sake of having Ellen get better speaks volumes! I reiterate: We are with you all the way! Much love to you both, Anna


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