The Fall in the Rockies

We are so blessed by the kind acts of so many people. We are very thankful for your support and caring.

Ellen is now ten days past her last chemotherapy, and her energy has rebounded. IMG_5222

Yesterday, we took a long walk under a lovely blue sky. I think it was six miles.

And when we got home, we decided to do some last yard work, planting our garden for next year.


Ellen pitched right in and helped with some heavy work, including trying to coil up all the stiff and frozen garden hoses and store them for the winter. She is strong, and she is determined.

We had a good night’s sleep. And woke up to snow this morning.

And we really like hearing from all of you. More soon.



5 Replies to “The Fall in the Rockies”

  1. Thank you for the update and I hope we can visit next time we are in the Valley, currently in Virginia for 2 weeks. Working in the earth is a good thing and Peg and I think of you each day. Yes, garlic planting time is here 😁


  2. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    What a joy and relief it is to read your latest update on Ellen. I honestly believe that these next infusions of nectar will do the trick and get completely rid of what remains of the cancer. You sound so much more relieved and optimistic, and it’s infectious. Here, today marks the end of what I have heard my British and American friends call ‘potato week,’ which is the third week in October, our autumn vacation. We have had a lot of very heavy rainfall during this past week. Our roads and streets are full of wet, brown leaves that have fallen to the ground. So far, our autumn, or fall as you would call it, is mild. We hope and pray that when our days get longer, this doesn’t mean that our winter gets harsher. As we say in Danish: “Når dagene længes, vinteren strenges.” Last year, we had a chill factor of ’17C … with icy, howling winds. … When we enter 2020, Ellen will be through with her infusions. This will mean a new beginning, a new dawn, and she will be completely rid of that horrible thing called cancer … Feeling so grateful for your latest epistle to us. Stay strong! Love to you both, Anna


  3. Farmer Luke, right out of Grant Wood. We’re in LA for neice’s wedding (won’t they ever learn?). Now they’re gonna put me in the movies. Back to Portland this evening. You both are always on my mind.


  4. You are always on my mind, both of you, even out here in LA where I am under pressure—they want to put me in the movies…of course. I hope I can resist. Whatever. Remember your OLD pal loves you.


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