In the clouds

Ellen had her most recent infusion three days ago. Before she did that, she accomplished her goal of 500 miles of walking during treatment.

And since her chemotherapy has now been extended, the new goal is a total of 1000 km.  (Including what she has already done).

We did have a good week last week. Luke’s sister Nora was visiting. It was great to see her, and she was incredibly helpful with our long list of undone tasks.

Of course, the last couple of days have been difficult, as the previous rounds of therapy have been. Ellen is very tired and has quite low energy level. She doesn’t feel very good. But her spirits have remained high,  she is as  determined as ever, she is smiling, and it is a delight to be near her.

There is a wonderful organization here that supports people with cancer and those close to them. It is called Living Journeys.

Today was their annual fund raiser which includes your choice of a very challenging half marathon up most of a big mountain. Or if you prefer, a climb all the way to the top.

Ellen and Luke were planning to climb to the top of the mountain, the Crested Butte for which the town of Crested Butte is named.. She so much wanted to do this. But it turns out that given the ways of the world, and treatment regimes, she is just three days past her chemotherapy infusion, so she spent most of the day in bed, while Luke and some friends climbed the mountain. We paid Ellen’s registration fee, to support Living Journeys and to show her heart was with us.

It was a misty dark and wet morning.IMG_4630

But eventually the sun started coming through.


And then we could see the peak above us.


The flowers were lovely in the early morning light.


Eventually we got above the clouds.




And we did get to the top.


And when Luke got home, after a short nap, what did Ellen want?

She wanted to go for a walk. We just made it to the mailbox and back, but hey, we did a kilometer, she is starting to get back on her feet, we are closer to the 1000 kilometer goal, and there is more to come.

We are going to repeat this climb in September, in the yellow leaves, and with Ellen.

Cannot end without expressing again our deep appreciation for the support, help and companionship of all the wonderful people who we are privileged to know..

10 Replies to “In the clouds”

  1. Que lindo Luck que pudistes hacer esa caminata, felicitaciones, y a mi amiga también, por todo el esfuerzo que está asiendo , espero que todas sus metas puedan ser completadas , pero sino se logra todo lo esperado, no importa, ya vendrán tiempos mejores para cumplirlas . Mis cariños a los 2 , siempre pensando en ustedes, nos vemos pronto.❤️❤️


  2. Such a beautiful climb and purpose (and photographs), and then that Ellen walked her kilometer, you are all exhibiting strength and love, a powerful inspiration. Thank you.
    With love from Tara and Sam


  3. What beautiful pictures and I’m glad Ellen got her walk to the mailbox! You both are inspirations!
    Betty Dysart


  4. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    What a cheerful report from Gunnison. The caption, “In the Clouds,” to me, was upbeat, expressing happiness and optimism. Congratulations on your achievements! …Our “issues” here have been coping with record high temperatures in our European heatwave. 22C and a 87% humidity at night is tropical and a challenge. So taking salt tablets to “keep da motor running,” (I heard that phrase in a US ad). Am I right when I believe that Ellen’s next chemo infusion will be on August 14? We will be there in spirit. Hav det godt så længe, og pas godt på jer selv! Much love, Anna


  5. Such a happy, positive, upbeat report from Gunnison. Plus wonderful images of your countryside up “in the clouds.” We are grateful that things seem to be moving according to plan. Your sister, whose name is Nora makes me think of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House! Glad you have some help in the house from time to time. I gather that Ellen’s next infusion will be on August 14? I will be with you in spirit. Thank you both for keeping us so well posted. Love to you both, Anna


  6. Luke, un gran abrazo para Ellen y para ti. Step by step in the right direction. Wish her a fast recovery. Inspiring piece!


  7. Primos queridos: Leo puntualmente todas sus notas y no dejo de maravillarme de su fortaleza (y de sus fotos). ¡Mucho ánimo pues hay que seguir tirando para adelante !
    Les mando a los dos el más entrañable abrazo.


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