Hola y gracias por todos los mensajes.  Mañana miércoles 15 es mi cuarta sesión de Néctar y pienso salir a las 8:15 caminando al hospital. (1 hora de caminata rápida!).  vengan!

Por suerte mis glóbulos blancos se recuperaron….  He estado bastante cansada esta vez, pero voy a poder dormir en el hospital….

Thank you again for all the support (greetings, calls, food!)

Tomorrow Wednesday, May 15th is my 4th Nectar session and I plan to walk to GVH –1 hour, brisk walk

O would love to have company ‘’ I know it{s the middle of the week.  I plan to leave at 8:15am

My white blood cells were very low last week but they have recovered… which is good news.  I’m pretty tired this time, but after the morning walk, I can sleep during my nectar 😉

6 Replies to “Mañana”

  1. Nice hearing from you Ellen and knowing your WBC is good again. I can’t imagine how long these days must be for you, and how tired you must feel.

    Ben and I noticed there are not 3, but 4 little baby robins in the nest. We are trying so hard not to disturb them, that we were surprised to discover the 4th. They are growing so fast that I bet they will leave the nest within the week.

    Best wishes tomorrow. I bet you sleep well after that brisk hour long morning walk tomorrow. Keep us posted!

    Happy Trails,
    Ben and Betty


  2. Ellen eres campeona! Si estuviera allí, yo iba contigo. Saludos desde Cataluña!

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  3. Ellen, te acompaño en la caminata! Quizás no me veas pero mí corazón estará allí. Que felicidad que el tratamiento está haciendo efecto. Luego dormite todo pero sin roncar 😁 te quiero ❤️ Stela


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