A Visit to Denver

Ellen had her most recent chemotherapy appointment on Wednesday, April 24, and it took her a while to start feeling better after.

She was still very tired when it came time to go to Denver to see her gynecological oncologist at Swedish Hospital, Dr. Davis.

One of the great Gunnison traditions is Cattlemen’s Days, which includes one of the oldest continuous rodeos anywhere in out region. https://www.cattlemensdays.com/cattlemens-days-history/

A part of the annual rodeo is now Tough Enough to Wear Pink, an organization of rodeo participants who started raising money to honor and support breast cancer (now all kinds of cancer) patients. Since Gunnison is a long way from the big medical centers, one ot the needs of cancer patients here is transportation. And the Tough Enough to Wear Pink organization has two vehicles that are available for transportation to cancer patients. So they lent us a vehicle to go to Denver for Ellen’s appointment.


We couldn’t be more appreciative. They even threw in the gas. Support your local rodeo!

On our way to Denver, Ellen felt good enough for a really solid walk, on the old Colorado Midland rail bed outside of Buena Vista. Mount Princeton is in the background.


Luke’s great grandfather was a locomotive engineer who ran trains on this line well over 100 years ago.

In Denver we stayed with  our wonderful Aunt Marji, who happens to live next door to Swedish Hospital. And have available a visitors’ apartment. It was a great pleasure to see her. We enjoyed our visit.


Ellen is now almost half way through chemotherapy. She will be done with this series of treatments by the Fourth of July. There are still not a lot of hard data about how her treatment is progressing. What little we have, however, is largely encouraging.

On the way home from Denver, we took the same walk outside Buena Vista. It was lovely again, and Ellen spotted the very first flower of the year here, a miniature blooming cactus. Tiny, delicate and precious.


We took a long walk here at home this morning with Marketa and all the dogs.

Afterward, some wonderful friends came over and helped Luke with the garden work. Peas and onions and lettuce and spinach are in the ground.

We continue to be overwhelmed with gratitude to all of those who have reached out to support us. Thank you!

Ellen and Marketa washed all the dogs. Soft and shiny, isn’t she?


We send you all our love and hope we will hear from you. Support from friends and family is the oxygen that keeps us breathing.

14 Replies to “A Visit to Denver”

  1. Ellen and Luke, I am glad you are at a halfway point and enduring. It is not an easy road. Your plantettes are growing here and you will have to say when you will be ready to put some things in the ground…probably not until later this month. In the meantime, we are holding you in our hearts. Its the “one day at a time” , grateful for simple things, finding whatever strength and positive energies to move this process. And lots of love! -Karen and Paul


  2. Hola, y muchos saludos! Nos pones la muestra con tu sonrisa siempre a pesar de lo duro que debe ser para ti, Ellen, por lo que te respeto un montón. Un abrazote!


  3. Ellen,no puedo seguir mucho las noticias porque mi inglés es pésimo, Pero me alegra mucho verte bien y espero que sigas recuperando te.


  4. Qué maravilla….cuanto me alegro. Me encanta escucharlos como disfrutan la vida cada día en cada pequeña y gran señal. Un abrazo amigos!!!!!


  5. Luke and Ellen,
    Great hearing from you and knowing you are at the half way mark for this chemo. I loved learning about TETWP ! What a wonderful accomplishment from a small community! Two months to go and we pray for you that the treatment is successful! Keep sending updates when you can. Keep up your spirits and know we love you both!
    Ben and Betty


  6. Ellen and Luke,
    Loved hearing from you, seeing the pictures of your trip to Denver, and learning about TETWP! What an amazing organization! Keep the updates coming… Best wishes as you find strength to persevere!
    Love, Ben and Betty


  7. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    In the middle of this terrible situation, it is invitalizing and gratyfying to read how you manage the day, the treatment and yourselves. We have you constantly in our hearts and our minds. Big hugs to both, Jens and Rita


  8. These are wonderful updates, and in my view encouraging. It is clear that, as most who go through similar trials will tell you, relationships grow stronger. No proof of that belief could be stronger than your reports from the front line.


  9. We love you guys! Thanks so much for the update! We pray for you both several times a day! And you are beautiful Ellen! BIG HUGS!!! Charlie said “I love you”.


  10. ¡No cabe duda que saben sacarle partido a todos esos minúsculos pero infinitos regalos que se nos presentan, desde la visita a la entrañable tía Marji hasta la primera flor de un incipiente cactus! Así, pasó a paso voy con ustedes en este deambular por el incierto camino de la vida. ¡Qué maravilla que seamos compañeros de viaje! Muchos besos y abrazos fuertes para los dos.


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