From Both of Us

Ellen and Luke both want to share some information and some thoughts.

First, the information. Ellen is now diagnosed as having peritoneal cancer. She will have a series of six chemotherapy treatments, three weeks apart. The first one is Monday, at Swedish Hospital in Denver.

Second, some thoughts. We of course had no warning where our lives were going. Less than a month ago, all seemed normal and we were excited getting ready to go to Argentina and back pack across the Andes to Chile.

Things have changed, repeatedly, unpredictably ever since.

The one thing that has been constant through all this is the flowing stream of thoughtful, caring and loving support we have received from our families, our friends, colleagues at work, people we know, and at times from complete strangers.

Fifteen years ago, we had only known each other a year or two. We were thinking about a future together.

We were both new to Gunnison. We were wondering where we wanted to have a life together. And we decided to try doing that here. What a good decision that has been.

This has been a very challenging three weeks for us.

We knew we had some wonderful people in our lives, but honestly never understood that there was such a river of support from friends and neighbors here and far away.

Or that we would need help so much.

When we hungered, you gave us food. When we were thirsty, you gave us drink. When we needed it, you have taken us in to your homes. When we were sick, you have visited us.

At every moment that we have needed your support, you have been there.We know we will continue to need your support, and know that you will be with us.

This community of place and of people is truly our home.

We are fortunate and grateful.

Thank you all, near and far.

12 Replies to “From Both of Us”

  1. We love you and know that you will fight this with everything you have! We will be there every step of the way!!


    1. Hello from Texas. Susan Ritchey told me about your website. I’m inspired by your words and both of you.

      Ellen, you are strong physically and emotionally. I will share this website with Leslie


  2. Ellen
    Thanks for your information of your sicknees, and we send ouer best regards to both of you, and we hope the medical treatment will be succesful.
    Hugs from Maj-Lis & Stefan ❤️


  3. We are so happy to hear that your close, immediate friends and family and even strangers are there for you in your time of vulnerability. Your words of love and gratitude for them and the overall significance and importance of how valued community is in your and our lives reaffirms for me the united spirit of humanity.


  4. It’s a journey, all right, and in our way we are all on it together. So, let’s sail forth, steer for the deep water only, reckless, oh, soul, exploring, I with thee and thou with me, for we are bound where no mariner dare yet go, and we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.

    Bon voyage, don’t breathe too much of the air in Denver, and POWER TO THE GOOD PEOPLE!



  5. Your words are so full of strength and hope and love. How wonderful that you have such a devoted gang at home interlaced with you! May your trip over the mountains, first treatment, and recovery all go well. Sending waves of healing and signs of spring and new life from Portland. Buen viaje — besotes y abrazotes!


  6. I will be temporarily locating to the front range for the next few months. Please let me know if there is anything I can do when you are up there – maybe just a coffee in the hospital cafe or a conversation while you are on the chemo throne. I was on this journey with my mom and know the territory a bit.


  7. querida Ellen y Luke: gracias por compartir este viaje con nosotros, que maravilla sentir que las fronteras se aligeran o desaparecen cuando es el cariño, amor, memoria común la que nos une!!!! Los tengo presentes cada día desde esta tierra tan querida por ustedes. En semanas viajaré a Puno y allí a orillas del Titicaca y con amigos rezaremos por ustedes!!!! Con el dios de jesús y con los apus!!!!!!


  8. What a Beautiful and Inspirational Couple you two are. Ellen I pray for strenghth and healing with every stroke of Birds Singing at work 🙂 I really miss your presence and smiling face. Please don’t hesitate to let Gary and I help in any way possible big or small.
    Love and Hugs, Gary and Diana


  9. While you may feel lucky to be in Gunnison, it is Gunnison who’s the lucky one. I have always marveled that you two found each other in this tiny town and remain moved by how much love and support you give to each other. Thank you for including the rest of us in your journey.


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