Today in Argentina

So as many of you know, we were supposed to be in Argentina today with our brother in law Chris Reed, our nephew Nick Petrick, and our friends James Woods and Felicity Hannay. They all landed a few days ago in Santiago, Chile. Yesterday they all took the bus over the Andes to the beautiful region of Mendoza in Argentina.

This is a picture of the pass over the Andes, where the road crosses.


Tomorrow, a trekking company will take most of the group to a trailhead in the Andes where they will start a six day back pack across one of the high parts of the Andes back to Chile. They will (we imagine) get some marvelous views of Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere.

This is something Ellen and I were looking forward to with great excitement. We are so happy that the rest of the group is going and look forward to continuing to follow their progress with happiness.

The tour company was willing to take the deposits Ellen and I paid and apply them to next year, when we will plan to go.


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