An Abundant Garden

One of our dreams for this summer was to have an abundant garden. And we had the vision of Ellen eating all these wonderful organic vegetables, and building her strength for the challenges that face her.

We succeeded in part. We have the best and most productive garden in several years.


And it looks like a great potato crop in the making.


We have had some very much appreciated help from our friends Tracy and Ryan. Note the garlic patch. And Maria Jose and Gregory have also come to help.


But not all our dreams are realized immediately, at least not in the form we imagine.

Ellen has developed a condition in which she has not been able to eat or drink more than the smallest amounts. So other than a few tiny tastes of onion and a fresh kale leaf or two she has not been able to share in this wonderful outpouring of vegetables.

Of course her inability to eat or drink causes dehydration. She has been going every other day to the clinic for intravenous hydration.

But it also causes weight loss. And weakness. And we do not want this to interfere with her continuing chemotherapy.

And it seems that intravenous nutrition is far more complicated than we realized.

So today Ellen will enter the hospital for a series of intravenous feeding treatments. She should be released on Monday. And if all goes well with these initial treatments, she can continue this intravenous nutrition at home. We hope this will be able to reverse her weight loss and give her more strength and energy.

Think of us. And we will think of you. And if you are anywhere near, come get some lettuce, peas, garlic, kale, spinach or something please. Sharing these things gives a physical dimension to our love for you.


Ellen wants everyone to know how deeply she appreciates all of the lovely cards and letters. They are a great support and comfort to her. She is not able to do much computer time these days and most of that is health care and insurance related. So she enjoys relaxing in her new reclining chair and reading the lovely thoughts people are sharing with her.


6 Replies to “An Abundant Garden”

  1. mucha fuerza querida Elenita! Espero pronto puedas saborear y cargar energías con la producción de esa maravillosa huerta. Estamos todos haciendo mucha fuerza, pensándote todo el tiempo para enviarte energías que te ayuden a recuperarte. Beso enorme. Te quiero mucho


  2. This is so very generous. However, I am off on a paleo diet now, and have abandoned greens in any form. Perhaps next time, you will raise hogs.


  3. Primos tan queridos: Como siempre, estoy pensando en ustedes y les estoy mandando abrazos colmados de fortaleza e inmejorables deseos para que esta nueva forma de nutrirse de mi prima le dé vitalidad y energía.
    Van conmigo a dondequiera que yo vaya pues ese el arte de la amistad (no hay distancias para los que bien se quieren).
    Un abrazo enorme.


  4. Ellen and Luke, it’s good hearing from you and what beautiful pictures! Your garden is huge and looks very healthy! I’m sure it takes a lot to keep it up! I hope you can find some support to do that soon. I am inspired by your preserverance! I hope you’ll find some relief soon. This cancer has taken so much from you both physically, mentally and emotionally. We think of you two everyday. Much love from Ben and Betty


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