Home and Happy to Be Here

We are home, and very happy to be here. And if you are locked up with only one other person, it is very good if that is someone you really like a lot.

Ellen had her chemotherapy Thursday. It is of course making her quite tired. But she has had enough energy to go out for a serious walk every morning. The early Spring is beautiful and the cranes wheel high in the clouds croaking their penetrating cries.

Gunnison County, where we live, has a large land area, but only something like 16,931 inhabitants. And we have 86 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. This is one per every 200 inhabitants, a per capita rate that is very high, even in comparison to some of the large urban areas that have been suffering from clusters of infection.

So our County has shown leadership in putting strict but sensible restrictions in place. And one of the public health orders seems to say that anyone who has left Gunnison County for any reason is automatically subject to quarantine. Well, that is us.

This community really seems to be sticking together and showing great social solidarity. We, who have benefited so much from the support and friendship of people here, see that very clearly.

So we want to follow the rules, even though that might interfere with our tradition of walking to the hospital every Thursday for chemotherapy. We will check into whether that is possible. We hope that at least the two of us can do that.

In the meantime we are having some lovely early morning walks.


In the distance, in the next photo, you can see San Luis Peak, 14,022 feet, highest peak in the La Garita range.


So we are very happy to be able to do this in the midst of the current turmoil.


And while we are hearing from so many of you that you are tired of watching Netflix and having to invent things to do, we are never at a loss for things to do. Here is today’s pile of health insurance, hospital and health care provider correspondence. It even includes a post card from the President telling us about the current epidemic. And if we get it all answered, there will be more Monday.

We love you, and hope we can all stay in touch.





5 Replies to “Home and Happy to Be Here”

  1. Thank you for keeping us posted, I enjoy reading that you still getting out and enjoying nature. Love, Monica


  2. Welcome home and I’m so glad you are in a place to get outside. Your pile of health care correspondence is sobering. As always you have my admiration and love. Renee and Peg


  3. Yep, we are locked down and I am so glad I really like the other guy in this home! Can’t imagine it otherwise! Ben had his 2nd infusion Monday of this week so he is feeling side effects now. But in spite of that, we too are trying to walk everyday and the weather has been perfect! Spring is my favorite time. All the paper work makes me crazy. I really feel for you. Hang in there and enjoy your beautiful country side and keep moving and sending updates.


  4. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    As always, thank you for your latest news with a lovely picture of Ellen smiling happily in the Texas sun! Phew, the pile of correspondence regarding your health insurance, etc., etc. makes me very grateful for our welfare system here. All that is paid via our taxes, which are heavy. Yes, the corona virus is no joke. Yesterday’s Sunday newspaper says on the front page: “Doctors in intensive care say that the Covid-19 is worse and more unpredictable than feared.” Patients need to be on ventilators for weeks. … Just stay safe. Love to you both, Anna


  5. Luke, Thanks for the updates. We always appreciate your candid narratives and admire your steadfast support for Ellen. And of course we marvel at her courage and resilience. All our best. Monty and Denise

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