Unknown Territory

Ellen has now finished all her scheduled chemotherapy. Twenty treatments over a year’s time.

The results of all this treatment are unknown at the moment and will not be known until Ellen is tested and evaluated at the MD Anderson Cancer in Houston.  And that requires getting there. And travel in these troubling times, particularly for someone with an immune system battered by all this chemotherapy, is not that simple. We are having to take all kinds of steps to prepare for this.


Money Laundering, 2020 Style

We have no idea where things are going for us. We do feel a strong faith in the future of our community, and our world, since we have experienced the remarkable power of your love over the last year. We all must look out for each other the way that you have looked after us. If we do, nothing is impossible. Thank you are pale words to reflect the reality of our feelings toward all of you.

“Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

We will be heading for hotter climates. They say the bluebonnets are blooming in the Texas Hill Country.

We will be happy to see that. But we will miss our cold and lovely home.


We will meet again.



6 Replies to “Unknown Territory”

  1. Luke and Ellen, I have been following your journey from afar. Ellen, since I barely know you, all I can do is wish you good health and good fortune as you proceed to the next step. Congratulations on the hard work of chemo! I can’t think of another person who has done this with such grace, steadfastness, and love.

    Yes, you ARE loved, even from this distance and a degree of separation. I know you will figure something out to get to Houston. Apparently, Colorado may see our spike of C-19 in the next two weeks and then will the robins sing even more? Who knows…

    Take care, stay isolated, be your positive, calm self. And Luke, you know our love extends to you. A better husband can’t be found.

    Thanks for letting us into your world,

    Diane ________________________________


  2. We go with you with our hearts and hope, as you, that you get good news. Be safe, hold each other dearly, and be refreshed if you get to the ocean–and look at all those spring shorebirds, winging their way north! Judy PS the girls got their goods! Thank you!!!


  3. Best wishes! We will be thinking of you every day and will look forward to hearing from you. Safe travels! Love Ben and Betty


  4. Ellen and Luke. I have found many places are not accepting cash, laundered or not. Wash your hands with old-fashioned, foaming SOAP. Anti-bacterials and hand-sanitizers have a lesser effect because this is a virus, not a bacteria. Soap proteins affix to the coronas and carry it away!

    All our best for a safe journey and the of best results! Monty and Denise, MR

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