Today’s Report

Today we got up early and went skiing with Marketa. It was beautiful out in the hills.

We got all the way to the top of the ridge, and we could see Uncompaghre Peak, far off in the distance.

Thursday is chemotherapy day again, and we will again walk to the hospital, leaving our house at 7:45 am. Would love to have your company if you have time and can walk with us.

Here is the group from two weeks ago.


And here is the group from one week ago.



Do think about joining us this Thursday, February 20.

Perhaps a magical day since is seems it will be 20 02 2020!

This morning we climbed on skis to the top of the ridge and saw Uncompaghre Peak, one of the highest peaks in Colorado, maybe 40 miles away in the distance. Here is a closeup of Uncompaghre taken by someone else.


5 Replies to “Today’s Report”

  1. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    We have made a note of what time you will leave your home tomorrow and will be with you in our thoughts. So pleased to see Ellen deliver a message, albeit in Spanish, on this blog.
    Love to you both, Anna


  2. What a beautiful view! We love you both and are praying for you as you are so gracefully walking this journey. We contend daily for your healing Ellen.


  3. Dear Luke and Ellen: Just received your letter and wrote you one that’s in the mail. Great to see you on the slopes looks so good! Big hugs to both of you! Catherine J. XXXOOO


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