Back to Work

The serious news is farther below. But there is very good news to start with.

We have some happy news from Peru. Our goddaughter Kusi had her baby today in a hospital in Puno, the provincial capital on the west side of Lake Titicaca.

Normal birth, normal weight, all seem to be well.


Here in Gunnison we have had a nice break from the weekly chemotherapy. Ellen gets every fourth week off. So as her energy has surged back, we have had the enormous pleasure of time together outdoors.

We are going skiing every morning early. It is sometimes quite cold. But cold can be beautiful.

IMG_5908 (1)

We have been going with friends. Here is Ellen with Kim Bemis.


And wherever we have skied, Marketa Zubkova has mostly been there. As she is for us always.


This Thursday, February 6, it is back to work for Ellen. She is scheduled for chemotherapy at 9:00 am.

We will walk to the hospital, leaving our house at 7:45 am.

And we hope that if you can, you will walk with us. It would be nice to see you!!

5 Replies to “Back to Work”

  1. Congratulations on the beautiful god baby! Keep you in my thoughts and send out good vibes…miss you but glad you are taking care of you!


  2. Back to work tomorrow. Your break from chemo sounded wonderful.
    Pictures of snow and outdoors have been great! I admire your spirit! Our winter has been exceptionally mild. Best wishes as you bear the treatments, until your next week off.
    Ben and Betty


  3. Beautiful week off! Lovely pictures! We’ve had a very mild winter. Best wishes as you start the next round tomorrow.
    Ben and Betty


  4. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    As I have reiterated: I’ll be with you in spirit all the way. But I am wondering whether my comments, in particular of the Danish side of the family, is of any interest to you? Just wondering …


  5. Ellen and Luke, I have noticed this season that I have not seen your smiling faces, wonderful splendor and pups out skiing. Ellen, thank you so much for connecting and letting us into your journey as you heal and inspire. Danes are strong and orange is an amazing color to show strength. I hope to see you soon and think about your journey as if it was my own. Joellen and Mark


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