Please Come if It Works for You

Now that Ellen is on a regular treatment schedule again, it allows us to make some plans, and share them.

So this Thursday, January 23, we will be walking to the hospital for Ellen’s next chemotherapy treatment. We will leave our house at 7:45 am.

If you have the time and are able to do this, we would be honored to have your company.

If you think that it might be very cold, the answer is yes. It might be very cold.

This morning when we went skiing at just about that time it was -5° F and the landscape was covered in a mysterious icy fog; the sagebrush and the trees were brightened by a crystalline hoar. The dogs were white. The world was new in the milky early morning light. We had never seen it before.

If you do not have the time to join us this Thursday, do not worry. You can rest comfortably knowing there will be other occasions.

More soon about other subjects, but for the moment:

Thursday, January 23                 7:45 am           leave our house

Thursday, January 30                                          Ellen’s week off – no treatment

Thursday, February 6                  Time TBA      Treatment

Thursday, February 13                 Time TBA      Treatment

Thursday, February 20                 Time TBA      Treatment

Thursday, February 27                                         Ellen’s week off – no treatment


3 Replies to “Please Come if It Works for You”

  1. Dear Luke and Ellen, Peg and I will be in Florida for a bit and will get in touch when we return. Love to you both. We are thinking of you.


  2. Primos adorados: ¡Son mis ídolos! Cuando yo sea grande (ja, ja, ja) quiero ser como ustedes. ¡Qué energía y qué perseverancia! Lo siento que no podré acompañarlos, estaré calientita en mi cama bebiendo café y leyendo el periódico. ¡Que todo vaya muy bien mañana! Muchos abrazos y besos para los dos.


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