Back on Top

So the weekly chemotherapy regime with a new drug has proved challenging. And Ellen had a couple of very uncomfortable and challenging days.

But each day she has fought to get her strength back, doing a little more.

And yesterday she achieved her goal of doing the entire 10 km  McCabe Loop in cold weather and brilliant sunshine. Her she is on top, at the high point if the route.


In a few minutes she will start walking to the hospital for this week’s infusion. Looks like every Thursday for a while.

We appreciate the help and support.

7 Replies to “Back on Top”

  1. You are a inspiration Ellen!!
    I’m still looking for your cueritos para los zapatitos de los perritos.
    Que tengas una linda caminata hoy!!always thinking on you 😘


  2. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    We know that your lives are very stressful and extremely challenging. Yet we want to reiterate what we have told you all along: We are with you all the way! Ellen should have the genealogical table I sent her by now. Our grandmother was Laugette, and Ellen’s namesake, Ellen, our cousin, who was born and grew up in Lunde with our grandmother, Laugette, on the first floor and Ellen, her parents and her siblings, on the second floor, told me the other day: “They said that our grandmother was the prettiest woman in Lunde.” She taught our cousins in Lunde to knit and crochet and, if I remember rightly, also to read.
    Our great-grandmother was sent to Copenhagen to be treated for something in her stomach, which we are absolutely sure was cancer. My father laboriously typed all her letters. She admonished young Laurids, my father’s ‘morbror,’ to be ‘a good boy.’ … I met him in the 1950s when he returned from Argentina. Ellen’s mother is bound to remember him. Quite possibly, our great-grandmother suffered from the same type of cancer which Ellen now has.
    Love to you both, Anna


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