The Darkest Night

Is is -28° Celsius here at our house this morning, -18° Fahrenheit. The Moon  is in a Waning Crescent phase during these long dark nights. The Moon’s illumination is growing smaller each day. And of course is the Sun is getting lower on the horizon and setting earlier each day.  It is dark, and tonight will be the darkest yet.

We want to wish a happy Midwinter’s Day to all of you. Tonight will be the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the Longest Day of the year for my Southern friends and family.

We are going skiing today but will be sure to get home early before the sun goes down.

This is a time to stay close to the fire, surrounded by love of friends and family.


We spent some time at the Mayo Clinic in Houston earlier this month. And tomorrow Ellen and Luke leave for the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, still searching for the key that will unlock a brighter, sunnier future. We should be home on Christmas Eve. Even if we are not, we will be together on Christmas Eve, which is the important thing.

Ellen has done some good snowshoeing and skiing in the last few days. Yesterday she wore the dogs out, always a good sign.

Ellen, and Marketa’s dog Gabachito, finished this week watching all 100 episodes of the telenovela Jane the Virgin.


I am sure Ellen is ready for some suggestions as to where to turn next with her recently acquired television addiction. Ideas, anyone?

We send you our love and greetings on this Winter Solstice Day, to you and the ones you love, for this and for all the holidays.

And express our deep and abiding belief belief that tomorrow will be just a bit  longer, and a bit sunnier, than today.


5 Replies to “The Darkest Night”

  1. Dear Ellen an Luke,
    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas and a New Year full of good tidings for you both regarding Ellen’s health. Will be thinking of you tomorrow as you embark on your visit to Houston in search of how to cure Ellen of her cancer. We are with you all the way and look forward to the days getting gradually longer. Here, the sun rises at 08.37 and sets at 15.38. There is nothing more beautiful than attending a first-rate concert in the Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall and then leave afterwards in the evening in broad daylight.
    Season’s Greetings to you both. Hoping and praying for some good news from your visit to Houston.
    Love to you both, Anna


  2. Hi Ellen! My mom recently turned me on to Grace and Frankie. There are five seasons, so plenty of binge watching opportunities!

    Big hugs!


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