Snow Falling

We walked through a lovely Fall snowstorm to the hospital for Ellen’s chemotherapy infusion. There was a bit of ice on the path, but all dogs and people arrived without mishap.


It was wet but very beautiful.


The hospital had an exceptionally good lunch. And afterward Ellen fell asleep and slept through the rest of her treatment.

She is of course now very tired, and will rest most of the next few days. But she remains strong and with her focus fixed on one purpose: getting well.

We will soon go to Denver for more tests and medical consultation.

And have a Thanksgiving visit from our California godsons Luke and Dan. Luke has recently announced his engagement, and his fiance Audrey will be coming too. This will be a very much anticipated visit, and we look forward to seeing them.


Ellen’s next chemotherapy session will be Wednesday, December 11. We hope you will join us if you can.



3 Replies to “Snow Falling”

  1. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    What a touching message! So full of optimism! You both have the right attitude. I feel this time, the tests will be just right. However, I will say this: You can keep your snow! This autumn in Denmark has been the wettest on meteorological record! The forecast for this weekend is a complete surprise: Dry weather!!! I already made a note that Ellen was to have her next infusion on December 11. So we will be with you in spirit! Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, we have inherited a horrible thing from the US known as Black Friday. You can also keep that as well!!! Perhaps Luke will explain the meaning of ‘godson.’ I think it has an extra connotation added to it in the US than here. Holding you in our thoughts and prayers, Love to you both, Anna


  2. Primos,
    Cómo siempre me da gusto saber que siguen la ruta con energía y muchas ganas de tirar para adelante. Veo que a ustedes el frío,como siempre, les sienta de maravilla .
    Les mando un abrazo muy apretado y calientito.
    ¡Mucho ánimo!


  3. Hello Ellen and Luke. I just found out about this blog from Dan. So glad to know about it so I can keep up to date on your healing progress. Thank you so much for welcoming the boys and Audrey over Thanksgiving. They were so happy to be there with you. Jen and I are sending all our love and healing energy to you. We think about you everyday and wish we were closer to offer help in a more practical way. Much love and hugs.


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