A journey of a thousand miles

This has been a time of great challenge. Luke went to an academic conference in Chile. Ellen has retaken the opportunity to enjoy her favorite winter sport.

It was springtime in Chile. And a time of great social mobilization and discontent with government. Santiago was lovely. Luke gave the opening talk at the Ninth Colloquium on International Law at the Universidad de Desarrollo in Santiago.


The flowers in Chile were lovely; the jacaranda is still in bloom, and the Santa Rita is brilliant (see above).

Ellen has been walking with Luke as long as he was here (and since his return). And walking by herself or with friends in between.


Ellen’s strength is growing. Her pace is picking up, and she seems to be recovering from the side effects of the last chemotherapy. After each treatment she has some difficult days where she is very tired. Then her energy starts to return. And by this point in the cycle it is quite encouraging to see her.

While Luke was gone, Ellen decided to take advantage of some excellent early season ski conditions. She went with her friend Laura.


She had a wonderful time and the snow was good. But she unfortunately had a hard fall and has been hurting a good deal, enough to take her to the Emergency Room yesterday. Fortunately it seems it is some pulled muscles and she will be all right.She feels less pain this morning.

Maybe she needs Luke around?

Ellen was introduced by Luke’s sister Carrie to the telenovela Jane the Virgin.  There are 100 episodes of Jane the Virgin on Netflix. As of last night, Ellen has watched 52 of them. She thinks Rogelio de la Vega is very good looking. Rogelio agrees.

Ellen is helping our  goddaughter Maria Jose study for her drivers license examination.

And she has passed her goal of walking 1000 miles during chemotherapy.


We continue to be supported and helped by so many people. Thanks again, so much. Your gifts are received with our love and affection and deep gratitude.

This has been a long journey, since Ellen’s surgery in January. It seems we need to stay on this road for some time to come. It is not easy. But it would be so very much harder without your companionship.

Ellen’s next chemotherapy treatment will be a week from today, on the morning of Wednesday, November 20. We will leave our house at 10:15 am, and again plan to walk together to the hospital. And we hope that those who can will join us.






3 Replies to “A journey of a thousand miles”

  1. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    Thank you for your latest update. I feel intuitively that the current series of infusions will do the trick for Ellen. It seems to be a gentler kind and it is good to hear that you are both energetic and keeping optimistic. Yes, COP25 in Santiago was cancelled. We, Denmark, take a great interest in climate change as we host the EEA, The European Environment Agency of the EU. We have had a lot of rain, especially in October, much more than the average amount. Tomorrow is the day before the Copenhagen Book Fair, which I will attend on Friday and probably no more than that. My translator friends will attend our Annual General Meeting of the Association of translators we belong to, arriving from UK, Germany, Ireland and the USA. Will think of you both a week from today as you walk to the hospital in Gunnison. Love to you both, Anna


  2. Oh, I LOVE Jane the Virgin! I have watched every episode at least three times. I have even watched it backwards. Get this: It comes out the same, only in reverse!


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