We had hoped that six chemotherapy infusions would be enough for Ellen, and that is what we thought for a long time.

Then it turned out that the doctors recommended two more treatments.

As Lincoln said: “Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray”that this will pass away.

The support of friends and family is so much a part of what keeps us going. That, and the inspiration of Ellen’s calm and enduring strength.


Ellen’s eighth and final scheduled treatment is this coming Wednesday, August 14. We will leave our home at 7:30 am to walk to the clinic for this milestone.

Please join us if you can. Your company means so much to Ellen, and to Luke.

Thank you again for the meals, for the rides, for the help around the house, for the innumerable acts of kindness.

So many of you have walked with us in so many ways. Please do join us for what we hope will be the last of these walks.



5 Replies to “Eight”

  1. Dear Ellen and Luke,

    As always, thank you for keeping us up-to-date. I know that two extra infusions of chemo is a disappointment, but I, for one, think it is a blessing: Cancer is a devilish and devious opponent and action needs to be taken swiftly when it is detected. Like you, let’s hope that this will be the final trip for Ellen’s nectar. We have made a note of the date and your time in our diary. We will be with you in spirit. All best, Anna

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