Harder news

We have had so much good news lately that we were not fully prepared to receive harder news yesterday.

The previous tests all seemed to be informing us that they were unable to detect any remaining cancer.

The last test before Ellen’s meeting yesterday with her gynecological oncologist at Swedish Hospital in Denver was a new kind of scan, proton electron tomography, or PET.
And this scan, they informed us yesterday, indicates that there is still cancer present.

So instead of being at the end of the chemotherapy process, Ellen will need to stay in chemotherapy for at least two more rounds. This postpones the day when she can be completely dedicated to recovering her physical and mental strength, because as we know, the chemotheraphy infusions are debilitating.

It is of course difficult for us to pass from the recent days of good news to days of harder tidings. We more than ever will depend on your expressions of friendship and love.
There are very few people who are as prepared mentally and physically as Ellen for whatever the future may bring us.


We climbed Mount Sanitas on Saturday, and Flagstaff Mountain Sunday, both near Boulder, Colorado.


7 Replies to “Harder news”

  1. As you indicate, Ellen can handle adversity as easily as Ali handled Liston. With an even greater and more rigorous support than has thus far been forthcoming, we can feel confident that her strength will see her through. So many of us love and respect you. We stand taller together.


  2. Sorry to hear this, but know you will both rise to the ongoing challenge. It /is/ a lot like climbing mountains – I remember the first time I climbed Gothic Mountain; I had been warned that there is a ‘false summit,’ but found there were actually two false summits, and when I got up on what I thought must be the summit – I was confronted by a long ridge dropping down and then back up toward what was clearly the real summit, which seemed like it was a looong way away…. But it really wasn’t. And I hope the trail from your ‘false summit’ to the real summit is also not so long as it probably looks right now…. Thinking of you and cheering for you.   – George


  3. Dear Ellen and Luke,
    Thank you for keeping us so well-informed. Yes, it is extremely tough, as Ellen told me a while back. However, we have a saying in Danish: “Intet er så galt, end at det ikke er godt for noget.” The PET scan result is a blessing in disguise. Cancer is a wicked, cruel and devious opponent. Fall on your knees and give thanks to the Lord that Swedish Hospital in Denver acted swiftly! Without delay! The had the special equipment and expertise to detect it! We know that the days ahead are gruelling and debilitating. Two more portions of nectar. BUT we stand by you, pray for you and send you our most healing vibes and prayers. Just let us know what the dates are and we will be with you in our thoughts. Two more sessions. Fate wants to be absolutely certain that the cancer will leave your body for good. We stand firmly by you. Draw strength from your beautiful countryside, the colour and scent of the flowers and the sage you mention, from each other, and from your lovely friends, and Ellen: Hope you have the strength to continue your exercise classes. Don’t know where you get your strength from, but please know that we are with you. Better this setback, which PET detected, NOW than later. I for one would not only gather strength from the environment but also from music. We will send strength, love and healing vibes and thoughts your way. Please let us have the dates for the nectar and please keep us posted. Warmest love to you both, Anna


  4. Peg, Emmy, and I are thinking of you with much love. I am sorry to hear this and remain in admiration of you and your perseverance. You are in our hearts.


  5. Well damn. But thank goodness, as another friend posted, there is the technology to find those sneaky little bastard cancer cells and get them. Keeping you both in my heart.


  6. Dear Ellen and Luke,

    No, not such good news, but I would like to think just a blip on the way to recovery. You are both amazing in how you are coping with this – such strong and brave people. I have told friends that you walk a couple of miles to the hospital in Gunnison and they are most impressed. So I send good vibes your way, and wish that I could do more to be of help. Love, Ros >


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