Walk with us

Walking has become for us a central activity.

Ellen will I think shortly reach her goal of 500 miles of walking during chemotherapy. I think she will make it. It would be a big mistake to bet against her.

Walking is for us a form of expressing our commitment to our planet, to our fellow humans, to other living things,  to each other, and to life.

On Wednesday, June 26, we will leave our house at 8:15 am sharp and walk the 3.6 miles to the Gunnison Valley Hospital for Ellen’s last scheduled chemotherapy. If your circumstances permit, please come walk with us. We would be honored by your presence.

Mañana miércoles 26 vamos a caminar a la última sesión del néctar.  Salimos de la casa a las 8:15 para caminar hacia el hospital.

Nos encantaría tu compañía, pero dondequiera que estés, camina con nosotros…  aunque sea unos pasitos


8 Replies to “Walk with us”

  1. Dear Ellen and Luke,

    I am so impressed by the attitude you both have! Walking 500 miles while getting chemotherapy? That must be one for the Guiness Book of Records! I’ll be with you in spirit on the 26th. Ros >


  2. Yo voy en el camino, primo querido, aunque tú no me veas, porque en mi pensamiento, ustedes ya van conmigo.
    (¡Vamos por las 500 millas.)
    Muchos abrazos.


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