Unremarkable—Común y corriente

Last week Ellen had a CT scan and we had an appointment with the doctor to interpret the results.  We are cautiously optimistic by the results as they were “normal” and “unremarkable.  The blood tests look good too.  We know that this is not over, but the results are very encouraging.

I’ll still get my next 2 nectars and would love company to walk to the hospital.  The weather is getting much nicer.  We’ll meet at the house  this Wednesday  June 5th at 8:15.


“Común y corriente”

La semana pasada tuve mi tomografía computada y los resultados se ven “normales” y “común y corriente”, lo cual es muy alentador.  Los análisis de sangre también son alentadores.

Sabemos que esta no es la última palabra, pero nos alegra saber que estamos en buen camino.

Todavía voy a recibir 2 dosis de néctar más.  La próxima es el miércoles 5 de junio y me encantaría tener compañía para la caminata al hospital.  Salimos a las 8:15 de nuestra casa.  Los días ya están mucho más lindos.

(no sé cual es el término médico para la palabra en inglés “unremarkable”, pero el diccionario lo tradujo como común y corriente…  suena un poco raro…)

13 Replies to “Unremarkable—Común y corriente”

  1. Sunday, June 2 2019.

    Dear Ellen and Luke,
    Thank you for keeping us so excellently posted on your life and the challenges you are facing as this is not only Ellen’s Journey but also Luke’s. Unfortunately, we are so far away and all I can do is send your loving thoughts and vibes your way at 17.30 our time, which is when Ellen receives her fifth portion of nectar. We are relieved and thankful that the CT scan and your talk with your medical team show good progress. Ellen: If my time permits and the weather is pleasant, I may attend a talk or two in our beautiful Royal Library Garden. Your grandfather’s youngest brother, Svend, worked in the garden. He was such a nice person and a gardener. Sending you both lots of love and thoughts on your journey. Only two more sessions to go. Anna


  2. Pasito a pasito…y vamos llegando 😍 El 05 de junio estaré pensando. Abrazo gigante y mí compañía con el corazón❤️. Love. Stela


  3. Esas son noticias alentadoras, ciertamente. No te imaginas la alegría que me da, prima querida.
    Un abrazo muy muy fuerte.


  4. With caution, I am so happy about this update. Both of you are on my mind & in my heart. There is a world of healing thoughts going to you. I will be back in Gunnison middle of June to finally give you the in-person hug & help in any way I can.


  5. Ellen… “Unremarkable” is a good thing. Like my PET scan was in April at MD Anderson. I wish us all more unremarkable results! Ben & Betty


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