Things are changing

Yesterday there was still ice on a large part of the pond.

Today it is all gone.

In the morning as we drink mate together, great flocks of cranes pass over on their way to the fields to spend the day foraging.

Every evening they pass overhead again on their return to their night roosts.

The foxes are mating.

The grass is turning green.

The soil is nearly ready to plant.

Whatever else may affect us, we never cease to be part of these great cycles of life.



6 Replies to “Things are changing”

  1. Querida Ellen, que alegria leer tus comentarios llenos de vida y tambien ver las sonrisas de quienes te acompanan en este momento. Estuve un poco ausente paseando por Beijiing y luego Londres visitando a mis amados hijos y llevandote en mi corazon por todos lados. No hay fronteras ni distancia con la gente tan querida. Que siga el proceso de sanacion. Abrazo muy fuerte. Stela


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